How To Start Earning Passive Cryptocurrency with KuCoin

At three I have Kucoin’s crypto lending platform. coin is actually my second most used exchange behind Binance. like its competitor Kucoin opened its doors to traders in 2017. it’s registered in seychelles and they operate out of singapore. this mostly comes down to the crypto friendly regulations in both of these countries. now Kucoin is also a pretty safe exchange although I need to let you know that they suffered a hack last year of over 200 million dollars. thanks to some quick reaction by the team  – they were able to recover. almost all of the stolen funds and no users were affected, so that’s a background on the exchange but how are the lending rates here? well you can supply dozens of the biggest cryptos out there and earn pretty cracking rates of interest that includes the likes of btc, eth, xrp, ada and many more.


Kucoin operates a fixed term lending system of 7, 14 or 28 days. what’s crazy is that you can pick apys in excess of 26 for usdt over 7 to 28 day terms. those with spare eth-kicking around can snag apys of around 5.5 percent too which is actually a little more than the likes of blockfi.


you can also get some pretty solid rates of interest for a plethora of different coins so this is probably worth checking out if you’re searching for that all-in-one exchange and crypto lending solution. in terms of how it works behind the curtains it’s similar to Binance. you are essentially lending your funds out to Kucoin margin traders. if you want to learn even more about Kucoin and how to get an exclusive trading discount of up to 60, then I recommend you read my Kucoin walkthrough for more info on that.

so that is Kucoin a great solution for an exchange and lending service in one but what happens if you want access to a european regulated crypto lending platform with not only cracking rates of interest but also a handy crypto debit card? well that’s what we have with my next pick.