Celsius – How to Earn Passive Cryptocurrency Every Day

Well I’ve popped a link in the description of this text below, now if you still haven’t found the crypto lending platform for you I think I might have just the one for you with.

My final pick my fifth and final pick. Needs a drumroll please.

It’s Celsius this is definitely for those folks who love mobile apps. given that all the action happens on the Celsius app, but who’s behind this lending platform?

Well it turns out that the Celsius co-founder is perhaps one of the most impressive people I’ve ever seen in the cryptoverse that would be Alex Mazzinski and boy does he have a crazy track record this is the bloke that brought free wi-fi to the New York subway and enabled wi-fi on US flights via his business transit wireless that little company transit wireless then went on to create an exit worth 1,2 billion dollars. ┬áthere are also a number of other exits that he’s executed which you can read about in his wikipedia bio.

It’s impressive stuff so that’s a bit of a background on the platform but what sort of interest rates are on offer at Celsius?

Well the highest rate of interest that you’ll find on the platform is a stonking 17,8 percent return if you supply matic or snx tokens, you can also get 4,4 percent on bitcoin, 6,35 percent on eth, 12,65 on a plethora of stable coins as well as top interest rates on a bunch of other cryptos.

However it’s important to note that you’ll get a lower rate of interest if you get paid those interest payments in the same crypto as you supplied. those enhanced rates are only for those that opt to take their interest in cell tokens.

But how is all that interest generated? Celsius does it through rehypothecation like however what they do is return 80 of those rehypothecation gains to people like you and me and keep a 20 cut for their services. reasonable if you ask me if Celsius has piqued your interest then I would thoroughly recommend that you watch my in-depth guide to Celsius and I think you know where to go for that. but is there a deal on Celsius? if you deposit at least 400 on your Celsius account you’ll get forty dollars in free bitcoin. simply use my link in the description below and you’ll bag that little number now.